Our mission is to help our students to learn practical Chinese and acquire the Chinese language skills in an interesting way. NIHAO Language Education is a professional language centre with a fully integrated and structured teaching concept. All of our Chinese language courses, programs, cultural workshops and activities are tailored to our expatriates, overseas students, young professionals and children.

We demand the highest standards of our services and courses, and commit ourselves to assuring the satisfaction of all participants with our professional and innovation course offerings.


  • We keep group sizes particularly small groups and make your Chinese learning more effective.
  • Our aim is to help you acquire the Chinese language that will not only enhance your experience in China, but will reward you as an investment throughout your life.
  • All of our teachers have a Master Degree (or above) in Hong Kong, majoring in Teaching Chinese as a foreign language.  All of our teachers regularly trained in our Mandarin Teacher Training Centre to expand and enhance their linguistic, teaching skills and interpersonal skills.  Our Passionate educators that want you to get the most out of your learning experience.
  • We teach Chinese in an understandable and uncomplicated manner, and encourages learning oriented toward day-to-day language use. This gives you a quick sense of achievement. We take particular care to ensure that you learn a lot and receive ample opportunity to practice the language in class. Our lively, varied lesson plans contribute to maintaining high levels of motivation throughout the course.


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