One on One Lesson

Beautiful young businesswomen working in the officeOur One on One Lesson is tailor-made, it is designed for those who can’t attend a regularly scheduled course or for those with special learning requirements. We will offer you a free assessment before starting your lesson, and our course consultant will provide you some advises according to your requirements and goals.

  • Flexibility in class scheduling and learning venues
  • Customized Course Materials.
  • Undivided attention from the teacher to maximize learning results


Group Lesson

GROUP LESSONWith our private group course, you can assured high quality tuition and value. New classes begin on an on-going basis and participants can choose in the morning, afternoon and evening classes as well as on weekends.

  • Flexibly location(our centre or your places)
  • Have opportunity to interact and share ideas with your classmates, as well as learning from their questions and mistakes.
  • Through group discussion, you can not only learn from each other, you also can increase creativity and confidence in using the language.
  • Customized course materials and handouts



Intensive Course

Intensive training is the equivalent of a “crash course”and requires a personal or corporate commitment to a schedule of at least 2 hours a day, for 24 days, or 4 hours a day, for 12 days. Training under these conditions can either be conducted as private 1 to 1 classes or as exclusive small group classes, with a maximum of 5 people in a class.

  • Flexible location(our centre or your office)
  • Customized course materials
  • Assessment for every 8 hours.



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