The Nihao Language Education’s Business Mandarin Chinese Course is specifically designed for individuals who engage in business activities in Mainland China or need to communicate with colleagues and clients in Mandarin Chinese.

Upon completion of the Nihao Business Mandarin Chinese Course, students will be able to effectively communicate in Mandarin Chinese with the following abilities:

Using appropriate expressions for formal social occasions.
Conducting travel arrangements, telephone conversations, and scheduling appointments in Mandarin Chinese.
Engaging in commercial activities such as introducing a company, product, or service, providing quotations, and writing reviews in Mandarin Chinese.
Consulting, negotiating, bargaining, and developing business plans in Mandarin Chinese.
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BEGINNER Business Mandarin is tailored for students who need to learn essential Chinese expressions for daily commercial communication and develop skills for polite social interactions.

INTERMEDIATE Business Mandarin is designed for students who wish to enhance their Chinese language skills for everyday business interactions.

ADVANCED Business Mandarin covers social gatherings, office work, and day-to-day operations, providing advanced learners with training in Chinese language skills for business information exchange.


  • Essential Chinese vocabulary commonly used in commercial settings.
  • Business-specific Chinese expressions.
  • Pronunciation practice for Mandarin Chinese.
  • Chinese character recognition and writing.
  • Tailor-made Exercises from Nihao.
  • Real-world commercial case studies.
  • Cultural background knowledge relevant to business interactions.

In addition to our face-to-face Business Mandarin Chinese course, we also offer an online Business Mandarin Chinese course, providing a convenient and accessible way for you to improve your Mandarin Chinese skills from anywhere. Please feel free to contact us via [email protected] to begin your Business Mandarin Chinese Classes.

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Please feel free to contact us via [email protected] to start your Business Mandarin Chinese Classes.



Exchange Business Card

Work unit and location

Studies and Subjects

Working experience

Business Trade Fair

Business Arrangement

Business Visit/Trip

Taking a Taxi

Business Bargain

Business Contact

Business Career

Business Banquet

Each Nihao 28-session Business Mandarin course is one level. Students learn vital Mandarin Chinese expressions and phrases that can be used in both business and day-to-day settings.

After the completion of this Business Mandarin Course, students will be able to use the appropriate expressions during greetings, introductions, apologies, and congratulations. They will also be able to use Chinese when haggling, traveling, riding the bus, making a phone call, or confirming an appointment.

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