Mandarin Course at Nihao Language Education

Nihao Language Education is a professional Mandarin School in Hong Kong. We have both Mandarin and Cantonese Programs. Our mission is to help students master authentic Chinese and acquire their Chinese language skills in a fun way.

Our Mandarin Program contains,

Our Cantonese Program contains,

We have one on one Mandarin/Cantonese classes and group classes. You can have face-to-face classes as well as online classes on your flexible schedule.

Industry-Specific Mandarin courses contain(針對不同行業之商業普通話課程)

  • Mandarin for the Retail Industry零售業普通話
  • Mandarin for the Hospitality Industry酒店及款待業普通話
  • Mandarin for the Catering Industry 餐飲業普通話
  • Mandarin for the Logistics Industry 物流業普通話
  • Mandarin for the Banking & Finance Industry 銀行及金融業普通話
  • Mandarin for the Insurance Industry 保險業普通話
  • Mandarin for the Public Sector (official speaking & writing) 公共事務業普通話 – 官式講話及寫作技作

Function-Specific Business Mandarin Courses(針對不同部門之商業普通話課程)contain,

  • Mandarin for Human Resources 人力資源普通話
  • Mandarin for Customer Services 客戶服務普通話
  • Mandarin for Sales & Marketing 銷售普通話
  • Mandarin for PR Professionals 公共關係普通話
  • Mandarin for Merchandisers 採購普通話

Nihao Language Education is a professional language centre with a fully integrated and structured teaching concept. We have trained senior executives and their families from companies including BASF, Bain Company, Societe Generale, DBS, DFS, Kering, and HSBC amongst many others.

Mandarin Teachers

All of our Mandarin and Cantonese teachers have a Master’s Degree (or above) in Teaching Chinese as a foreign language and the Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of other Languages.

Our teachers have rich experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language and are very patient and passionate about teaching Mandarin and Cantonese. Our dedicated and passionate Chinese teachers want you to get the most out of your learning experience.

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