Course Objectives

Develop accurate pronunciation skills in Cantonese, paying attention to tones. Acquire a practical range of vocabulary and expressions for various daily life situations. Understand and apply basic grammar structures and sentence patterns in Cantonese. Communicate effectively in simple Cantonese conversations related to greetings, numbers, time, daily activities, food, transportation, and shopping. Gain cultural insights into Cantonese-speaking regions, including customs, traditions, and social etiquette.

Course Themes

Introduction and Greetings: Building a foundation for basic communication skills. Numbers, Time, and Dates: Equipping learners with essential numerical and time-related expressions. Daily Life and Activities: Developing vocabulary and conversational abilities for daily routines and interactions. Food and Dining: Expanding knowledge of Cantonese cuisine and enabling ordering and dining experiences. Transportation and Directions: Enhancing learners' ability to navigate and communicate in transportation contexts. Shopping and Bargaining: Equipping learners with vocabulary and negotiation skills for shopping scenarios. Grammar Structures: Understanding basic sentence structures and grammar rules in Cantonese.

Catered to English Speakers

With years of practical experience in teaching English-speaking students, we understand your unique learning needs. Our teaching approach is tailored to resonate with your perspective, ensuring that the language acquisition process makes perfect sense to you.