Class Booking

If a booking request is made by using the NIHAO website, you will receive an an automatic email confirming we have received your booking request.

Class Arrangement

For class cancellations, students must contact their trainer at least 24 hours before the canceled classes. If the student does not contact the trainer before the canceled class, they will be charged for the entire class time.

Course Validity

Students need to complete their lessons within the course validity. No extension will be allowed. No expired lessons will be allowed to carry to the next package, refund, or transfer to another student.

Course Fee & Payment Policy

The course fee must be settled in full-payment 1 month before the start date of the course. NIHAO reserves the right to cancel the scheduled lesson if the course fee is not settled before the starting date of the course.


The information provided by NIHAO is correct at the time of publication / notification but may be subject to change course fees, dates, content, or other related issues. NIHAO reserves the right to change teachers if necessary. NIHAO LANGUAGE EDUCATION LTD reserves the right of final decisions in any case of disputes.