I am so happy to study Mandarin at Nihao Language Education in HK

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What Students Say About NIHAO

I am delighted to share my positive experience studying Mandarin Chinese at NIHAO Language Education in Hong Kong, a renowned Mandarin School that ranks among the top in the region. I was introduced to Nihao Language Education by a close friend, and my time at the school has been truly rewarding. The Mandarin lessons at Nihao are conducted one-on-one, with one lesson per week. As a complete beginner, I have already completed 28 sessions of Mandarin Chinese learning.

During my studies, I have covered essential topics such as self-introduction, discussing friends, family, and colleagues, ordering food and beverages at restaurants, giving directions to taxi drivers, managing my schedule, making hotel and restaurant reservations, and even navigating shopping and bargaining situations. The topics covered by Nihao Language Education are not only interesting but also highly practical.

In addition to the personalized lessons, I have found the extra Chinese grammar book provided by Nihao Mandarin School to be immensely helpful. It has greatly aided my understanding of the structure of the Chinese language. Nihao’s Building Block Methodology is particularly valuable, as it allows me to construct Chinese sentences easily using their basic building blocks. I also appreciate the supplementary exercises and oral Chinese topics provided by Nihao, as they are tailored to my needs and highly practical in nature.

Before starting my Mandarin Chinese journey, I felt uncertain about where to begin, whether it was learning Chinese characters or understanding sentence structure. However, studying Mandarin Chinese at Nihao Mandarin School has made the process enjoyable and enlightening. The Nihao building block method has simplified the learning process for me, and my friends have noticed remarkable progress in my language skills. Moreover, I am fortunate to have a highly professional and patient Chinese teacher. I am genuinely thrilled to be studying Mandarin Chinese at Nihao Language Education in Hong Kong. Upon completing the Mandarin Beginner Course, I plan to continue my studies with the Nihao Intermediate Mandarin Course. I particularly appreciate their tailor-made materials and clear explanations of Chinese culture, including Chinese idioms and festivals. Nihao’s Mandarin courses for adults are truly exceptional.

I wholeheartedly recommend Nihao Language Education to anyone seeking to learn Mandarin Chinese.