I made great progress in learning Chinese at Nihao

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“I made great progress in learning Chinese at Nihao. It’s my pleasure to introduce Nihao Language Education to everyone who is interested in learning Mandarin Chinese in Hong Kong. I really enjoy my Mandarin Chinese course at Nihao Language Education.

I like the Mandarin teachers here, they are very experienced, passionate, patient, delightful, and charming. They came to Mandarin lessons well prepared. I was nervous about the Mandarin Chinese pronunciations, and they are very helpful at directing me to the correct and creative ways of the Chinese pronunciations, which makes me feel quite confident.

The Nihao tailor-made Mandarin learning materials are very well designed and structured, which makes it easy to speak Mandarin and there are many types of exercises, among them, I really like the role play in my small group, which gives me more interactions with other Mandarin learning students.

I like the Nihao flexibility a lot. I can attend both Nihao Mandarin group lessons and Nihao Mandarin one on one lessons, which reinforces my Mandarin Chinese very much.

I also like Nihao little Chinese on the Facebook page, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Nihao little Chinese is quite interesting and I can learn extra Chinese words and expressions beyond the Mandarin classes.

Overall, my Mandarin learning experience with Nihao Language Education in Hong Kong is very positive. Thank you Nihao team!”