Teaching methods are creative, especially Chinese characters

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What Students Say About NIHAO

“I really enjoy the Mandarin course at Nihao Language Education, it offers lots of positive aspects to me. The teaching methods are very creative, especially the way of learning Chinese characters, which helps me to improve my Mandarin skills quickly.

My classes are quite flexible, which suits my business trip schedule very much.

I like their creative stories when they teach Chinese characters, which makes me remember characters easily, and the tailor-made materials suit my personal business needs.

I would highly recommend Nihao Language Education to others.”

Mandarin learning experience with Nihao is positive

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“My Mandarin learning experience with Nihao Language Education has been nothing but positive! At the beginning of my first Mandarin trial lesson I was told that I will learn 10 sentences – and come to the end I knew 16 Chinese sentences – and since then they continually surpass my expectations. The Mandarin learning methods employed are unique, fun, and ensure that I learn Mandarin in the quickest way possible. My 2.5-hour Mandarin lesson flies by as if it was only 1 hour and I’ve managed to communicate on a daily basis in China from my first visit.

I have just finished my second Mandarin lesson for the week, recapping the last 8 lessons in my textbook and then learning how to book a plane ticket with a travel agent. There are some parts of the language which are easier than Spanish (which I learned at school) – for example, you do not need to change the verb depending on the tense – which makes learning them significantly easier! There are some set rules which you have to think of before answering, for example, you have to state the time of the action (i.e. next week) before stating the action itself, but once you get used to this it isn’t too bad.

I am focussing 80% of my effort on learning the Pinyin, but Chinese characters are very interesting to learn and write, although they are very challenging! There is even a set order that you have to do the strokes in order to make the character.

The Mandarin learning experience with Nihao is positive. Thankfully, the lessons are really enjoyable and done in such a way that advances my learning quickly and efficiently, so much so that the time flies by!

My experience with Nihao Language Education has been nothing but positive! If you would like to learn Mandarin or Cantonese in an enjoyable and effective manner, please contact Alice by clicking the link below or contact me to introduce you! Nihao education comes with the highest recommendation!”

The Mandarin Materials are Well-Structured | Nihao Language Education

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“I enjoy my Mandarin lessons a lot at Nihao Language Education.

The Mandarin materials at Nihao Language Education are well structured, organized and they make my learning faster and easier. And my Mandarin teacher is very understanding, very patient, and makes my lessons enjoyable.

The learning environment is good. I can focus on my lessons quickly.

Besides classes, there are additional materials, handouts, and homework for me. I like these exercises very much.

I highly recommend Nihao Language Education to my friends and colleagues, and I look forward to more lessons.”

Chinese Teachers at Nihao Made Learning Mandarin Easy

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What Students Say About NIHAO

“I was referred to Nihao Language Education by my friends and want to say how good the Mandarin course was. I have started Mandarin at Nihao Language Education for three months. I am very impressed with how the Chinese teachers made learning Mandarin so easy and fun.

The Nihao Chinese materials are great, and Nihao Language Education also provides tailor-made extra Chinese exercises and interesting Chinese storybooks. They are very professional in their study materials. They have creative methods to make your Chinese pronunciation especially tones and tone changes perfectly. I am very happy to study at Nihao Language Education, and I will continue to study my Mandarin here.

I really like Nihao’s tailor-made assessments in the middle of the Chinese course, and after the full course. They have a very comprehensive and efficient teaching method, so I really recommend Nihao Language Education to anyone who is going to learn Mandarin in Hong Kong.”

Mandarin small group classes | Nihao Language Education

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“I began the Mandarin small group classes with Nihao Language Education for almost one year and a half.

We are a small group of French people who started at the same time and are six in total. With our Mandarin teacher, we learn the Chinese language and culture and speak in English to understand each other.

It’s very easy to understand her explanations in the English language. Our Mandarin teacher gives us some Chinese homework, in almost every Chinese lesson to learn easily. She made us grow in the Chinese language. Our Mandarin teacher is very patient and nice, she always tries to adjust her schedule to our availabilities, and she is very flexible. She is very pleasant and smiling, and it is a pleasure to have her as a Mandarin teacher.”


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What Students Say About NIHAO

“It was my best friend who recommended I study the Mandarin Course at Nihao Language Education. I am studying at Nihao Language Education now.

My Mandarin teacher is very experienced and patient, and the Chinese materials are well designed.

Besides my Chinese classes, I am invited to attend a monthly practice session, which is a great opportunity to get more practice and get to know other students.

I really enjoy my Mandarin course at Nihao Language Education and I highly recommend Nihao Language Education to others.”

I made great progress in learning Chinese at Nihao

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“I made great progress in learning Chinese at Nihao. It’s my pleasure to introduce Nihao Language Education to everyone who is interested in learning Mandarin Chinese in Hong Kong. I really enjoy my Mandarin Chinese course at Nihao Language Education.

I like the Mandarin teachers here, they are very experienced, passionate, patient, delightful, and charming. They came to Mandarin lessons well prepared. I was nervous about the Mandarin Chinese pronunciations, and they are very helpful at directing me to the correct and creative ways of the Chinese pronunciations, which makes me feel quite confident.

The Nihao tailor-made Mandarin learning materials are very well designed and structured, which makes it easy to speak Mandarin and there are many types of exercises, among them, I really like the role play in my small group, which gives me more interactions with other Mandarin learning students.

I like the Nihao flexibility a lot. I can attend both Nihao Mandarin group lessons and Nihao Mandarin one on one lessons, which reinforces my Mandarin Chinese very much.

I also like Nihao little Chinese on the Facebook page, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Nihao little Chinese is quite interesting and I can learn extra Chinese words and expressions beyond the Mandarin classes.

Overall, my Mandarin learning experience with Nihao Language Education in Hong Kong is very positive. Thank you Nihao team!”

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“I started the Nihao Mandarin Program because my wife is Chinese. I did it three times per week.

The classes are so well-organized, the homework my teacher gave me is really tailor-made.

I am very surprised how the lessons are set up, basically, in every lesson, you are learning how to interact with other people on daily topics, introducing others, ordering food and drinks, talking with a taxi driver, buying stuff in China. Everything will be very useful if you are in China.

I really like the Nihao conversational teaching method. Instead of boring repetition, I was taught to learn Mandarin through conversations, I can remember new vocabularies easily in this way, topics in the tailor-made materials are very interesting and practical.

I would highly recommend the NIHAO Mandarin course. As a complete Beginner, the NIHAO course is really approachable and very well set up.”

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我向每一位希望会说一口流利的中文的朋友们推荐「你好」!「你好」的课程非常系统,有条理,很专业, 老师们也都很有耐心,非常认真地教学生。”

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What Students Say About NIHAO

“I would like to share my experience of learning Cantonese course at Nihao Language Education.

I have been learning from Milki, who is an amazing teacher because when I started to learn Cantonese, I thought I would never be able to do it, I thought it was so hard. But after my Cantonese course with Milki, I made great progress.

The teacher is really good, very passionate, the teachers at Nihao Language Education have a high level of professionality, I made a lot of progress.

I really enjoy my course at Nihao Language Education, I highly recommend Nihao Language Education to all of you!”