Paul Cullum

Paul Cullum何俊朗Hé Jùnlǎng


“I’ve been here for 3 years, and this is my second Mandarin course at NIHAO. I found my Chinese made great progress during these three years.

I have already passed the HSK Level Three, and now I am preparing the HSK Level Four. What this allows me to do is to travel to China and speak the authentic language with Chinese, which is very helpful.

And the classes at NIHAO are tailor-made for me, so not only do I study the HSK also I’ve been leaning the Chinese culture.

I like the flexibility of the classes, they suit my schedule, so if I have a business trip, I can easily change it.

My teacher is very passionate, patient, and responsive. This is a very good, positive learning experience and I will definitely recommend NIHAO Language Education.”


Matthew Sullivan


“I had a very positive experience with NIHAO Language Education.

As a complete beginner, I was able to learn at my own pace but due to the material and the excellent teaching, you still feel you are making progress.

My teacher was extremely friendly and flexible around busy schedules and I found it very beneficial having one on one sessions.

The school is nothing but professional and enjoyed the learning experience, I highly recommend NIHAO!”

Greg Patti

Greg Patti






我向每一位希望会说一口流利的中文的朋友们推荐「你好」!「你好」的课程非常系统,有条理,很专业, 老师们也都很有耐心,非常认真地教学生。”

Xavier Roger


“I started the NIHAO Mandarin Program because my wife is Chinese. I did it three times per week.

The classes are so well-organized, the homework my teacher gave me is really tailor-made.

I am very surprised how the lessons are set up, basically, every lesson, you are learning how to interact with other people daily topics, introducing others, ordering food and drinks, talking with a taxi driver, buying stuff in China. Everything will be very useful if you are in China.

I really like NIHAO conversational teaching method. Instead of boring repetition, I was taught to learn Mandarin through conversations, I can remember new vocabularies easily in this way, topics in the tailor-made materials are very interesting and practical.

I would highly recommend the NIHAO Mandarin course. As a complete Beginner, the NIHAO course is really approachable and very well set up.”

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Malini Lantau


“I was referred to NIHAO by my best friend. Teachers at NIHAO are really amazing.

I had learned Mandarin before at another language center, I was never corrected when I made mistakes in my tones and sentence orders at another language center. I didn’t even know there is a Half Third Tone and the basic Chinese sentence order should be [Subject+When+Where+How+Action], which I learned at NIHAO Language Education.

NIHAO has formulated rules for pretty much everything in the Mandarin course, so I found it’s very logical the way they teach Mandarin. The other thing that I really enjoy doing is every week I am amazed that I am speaking more and more Mandarin especially when the class is going on, I made to narrate stories in Mandarin, which I didn’t think that I could do it before when I started to study Mandarin. I feel I have improved a lot, I am so happy to study at NIHAO.

If you want to learn Mandarin in a correct and efficient way, I highly recommend NIHAO!”

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Sam Pless


“I would like to share my experience of learning Cantonese course at Nihao Language Education.

I have been learning from Milki, who is an amazing teacher because when I started to learn Cantonese, I thought I would never be able to do it, I thought it was so hard. But after my Cantonese course with Milki, I made great progress.

The teacher is really good, very passionate, the teachers at NIHAO have a high level of professionality, I made a lot of progress.

I really enjoy my course at NIHAO, I highly recommend NIHAO to all of you!”

Andy Rigi-

Andy Rigoli


“We chose the NIHAO Language Education program on the recommendation of one of my colleagues. After a short introductory lesson, my wife and I both felt it was the right program for us.

The teacher is excellent, friendly, patient, encouraging, and persistent.

The program is well organized, well thought through lesson plans, a pragmatic pace, and a good combination of in-class lesson time speaking with the instructor and at-home work and some social media to remind us of basics.

NIHAO is flexible and affordable and given our heavy travel schedule has been accommodating our need to move lessons around.

It is an excellent program. It’s also fun and brings us back to our college days when we studied other languages and we often leave classes with smiles on our faces.”

Alasdair Cowie

Alasdair Cowie高明睿Gāo Míngruì


“If you’re interested in learning Chinese and are looking for an unintimidating starting point, then the NIHAO Language Education is a great place to begin.

I have no background in languages and previously struggled at school when studying subjects such as French and German. Initially, I was apprehensive, expecting to encounter the same issues and difficulties, however, my teacher provided intuitive one-to-one lessons, encouraging me along the way and staying in regular contact between lessons.

The focus has been not on memorizing long texts and symbols, but on learning day-to-day conversations and understanding the structure of the Chinese Language. NIHAO is also a flexible organization, with lessons that fit around my hectic work life, where I am based in multiple different offices throughout Hong Kong.”