I am so happy to study Mandarin at Nihao Language Education in HK

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What Students Say About NIHAO

“I am so happy to study Mandarin Chinese at Nihao Language Education in Hong Kong, a top-ranked Mandarin School in Hong Kong. I was introduced to NIHAO Language Education through my good friend. It’s really a good experience at Nihao Mandarin School. My Mandarin lessons in Nihao are one on one. One Mandarin lesson per week. I am a complete beginner. I have been studying Mandarin Chinese for 28 sessions so far.

I have been learning about how to introduce myself, how to talk about my friends, family, and colleagues, and learning about ordering food and drinks at restaurants, and also learning how to direct a taxi driver, how to arrange my schedule, to book a hotel and a restaurant, and go shopping buy stuff and some bargain tips. The Nihao Chinese topics are really interesting and practical.

I have an extra Chinese grammar book designed by Nihao Mandarin School. It’s easy for me to understand the structure of Chinese. Their Building Block Methodology is quite useful. You can make Chinese sentences easily from their basic building blocks. I also like Nihao’s extra exercises and oral Chinese topics. They are tailor-made for me. Oral topics are very practical.

Before starting Mandarin Chinese, I didn’t know where to start with learning, either Chinese characters or Chinese sentence orders, but since studying Mandarin Chinese at Nihao Mandarin School, it’s really interesting to find out the Chinese structure by applying the Nihao building block method. It’s much more simple than I thought. My friends say I made great progress. And my Chinese teacher is so professional and patient. I am so happy to study Mandarin Chinese at Nihao Language Education in HK. After this Mandarin Beginner Course, I will continue to attend Nihao Intermediate Mandarin Course, and I really like their tailor-made materials and their clear way of explaining Chinese culture, including Chinese Idioms and Chinese Festivals. Adults’ Mandarin Course at Nihao is the best.

I would highly recommend Nihao Language Education.”

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“We chose the Nihao Language Education program on the recommendation of one of my colleagues. After a short introductory lesson, my wife and I both felt it was the right program for us.

The teacher is excellent, friendly, patient, encouraging, and persistent.

The program is well organized, well thought through lesson plans, a pragmatic pace, and a good combination of in-class lesson time speaking with the instructor and at-home work and some social media to remind us of basics.

Nihao Language Education is flexible and affordable and given our heavy travel schedule has been accommodating our need to move lessons around.

It is an excellent program. It’s also fun and brings us back to our college days when we studied other languages and we often leave classes with smiles on our faces.”

Mandarin classes at Nihao Language Education

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What Students Say About NIHAO

“I have been learning Mandarin at Nihao Language Education for the past 3 years through one on one classes. I’ve very much enjoyed my classes at Nihao Language Education in Hong Kong. My Mandarin teachers are passionate, energetic, and dynamic but also patient and perseverant.

My Mandarin level is intermediate level two now. I’ve passed the Chinese proficiency test for the HSK Level Three exam, and I am preparing for the HSK Level Four now.

The Chinese materials provided, tailor-made by Nihao Language Education, are of good quality and well adapted to my level.

My Mandarin class is taking place through face-to-face meetings at a super convenient location in Central Hong Kong, or sometimes through Zoom in the recent coronavirus covid-19 period.

Overall, I strongly recommend Nihao Language Education to potential students aiming to improve his/her level of Mandarin Chinese.”


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“I have been learning Mandarin Chinese at Nihao Language Education for around 6 years. My Mandarin teacher is very patient and passionate.

After I learned Chinese at Nihao Language Education, I have confidence in traveling to mainland China by myself and communicating with locals in authentic Chinese.

My Mandarin teacher has taught me lots of Chinese cultures, which made me understand learning a language actually is knowing about its cultural background too. And she adjusted the Mandarin lessons to my needs and my learning speed.

I very much appreciated having her as my Chinese teacher and I very much enjoy the lessons at Nihao Language Education.”






但是我很幸运,我的公司找到了「你好汉语」,老师教得非常好,知道我的问题在哪里,特别有耐心,语法点讲得很清楚,例子也非常实用,我很喜欢「你好」的学习材料,很有趣, 很实用。




Mandarin teacher is very very motivated and professional

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“I enjoy individual lessons at Nihao Language Education. My Mandarin teacher is very motivated, professional, and understands my common “non-native speaker” mistakes, and quickly corrects me. The Mandarin teacher can adjust to my level and tailor the Mandarin lessons to my need.

I took Mandarin lessons with Nihao Language Education a few years ago and recently, as I came back to Hong Kong, I joined their course again to catch-up on my lost mandarin. I especially like that the teacher is flexible and can accommodate my schedule and trips.

For my part, I opted to take the Mandarin lesson at the center which is conveniently located in Central to avoid any distractions from home or office. I can recommend without any hesitation Nihao Language Education for learning Mandarin the fun way.”




What Students Say About NIHAO




我的中国的同事们都说我的进步非常快,我很开心,我也觉得我的进步很大, 我现在一见到中国的同事就说汉语, 我非常推荐「你好汉语」!”

「你好汉语」汉语水平考试课HSK Test Preparation Course

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“我非常开心一直在「你好汉语」Nihao Language Education学中文。「你好汉语」的汉语水平考试课程HSK Test Preparation Course特别棒!我上的是HSK Test Preparation Course-HSK Level Five,给我上课的老师非常专业,很有耐心,而且有很多知识。


我刚刚通过了汉语水平考试五级HSK5。我现在在准备汉语水平考试六级HSK 6,我的目标是在这两年可以通过HSK6并且拿高分。我的中文老师非常好,非常认真地给我上好每一节中文课。我的课堂很有趣,每次上课我都觉得时间过得特别快,我非常开心一直在「你好汉语」学习。

我很喜欢「你好汉语」课程中的成语Chinese Idioms的部分,比如,我今天学了「一石二鸟」,这个和英文是差不多一样的意思,我非常喜欢这样的成语和成语后面的故事。我也很喜欢中文歌,之前我去中央电视台CCTV 4 中文国际频道,我唱了一首《今夜你会不会来》,大家都说我的中文非常好。





Learn Mandarin Chinese | Nihao Language Education Mandarin School HK

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What Students Say About NIHAO

“I started learning Mandarin in March 2020 at Nihao Language Education, since I had a lot of spare time during the COVID 19. Nihao Language Education had been recommended by a good friend of mine. Nihao Language Education has a good reputation in Hong Kong. My friend said it’s a top-ranked Mandarin School in Hong Kong, so I came to Nihao Language Education and signed up for the Mandarin Chinese course.

I am very happy about this choice, and I am happy I decided to learn Mandarin at Nihao Language Education.

My Chinese teacher Violet is very professional. She has a lot of patience, and she’s been very supportive during this beginning Mandarin learning stage.

I am very happy about learning Mandarin Chinese at Nihao Language Education, and I look forward to traveling soon again to China and show my colleagues my progress in the Chinese language!

Nihao Language Education is a great Mandarin school in Hong Kong and their adults Mandarin course is the best. I am now having Nihao Conversational Mandarin course beginner level one, and Nihao Language Education is so professional in teaching Chinese and very organized. They provide extra tailor-made Chinese books. They keep track of my Chinese progress and offer some tests to me during the Mandarin course and after the whole course. They are flexible in timing arrangements and I am sure I will continue my journey to make it to Chinese Proficiency Test HSK Level One, and then HSK Level Two and Three!

I will keep on going with Nihao, and I highly recommend Nihao Language Education to other people like me who want to start Mandarin Chinese for business purposes!”

Nihao Language Education a top-ranked Mandarin School in Hong Kong

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What Students Say About NIHAO

“I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Nihao Language Education, a top-ranked Mandarin School in Hong Kong, to anyone who is interested in studying Mandarin Chinese in Hong Kong.

The learning environment at Nihao Language Education is superb!

From day one I was challenged in a fun and engaging way throughout each of my 3-hour Mandarin classes, 3 classes per week. Not only have I learned many new Chinese characters, phrases, and expressions, but the Chinese teachers at Nihao always make sure to integrate important Chinese cultural norms and ways of life! I like Nihao Language Education very much, and the Mandarin course at Nihao is the best Mandarin course for adults. The Chinese classes at Nihao are very professional, fun, and efficient.

Moreover, my Chinese teachers were also extremely flexible and patient in working around my busy schedule, and always kept a positive attitude no matter what!

I highly recommend Nihao Language Education to anyone looking to learn or enhance their Chinese language skills.”